At S2O we prefer to talk about challenges rather than problems or bottle-necks.
So we tend to focus more on the solution of your sales challenges.

We accompany you in your wildest projects, with a genuine interest in your business. It is our mission to provide you with our B2B expertise and services built around your end consumer. But we also like to go further, what we at S2O like to call “Operational Consultancy”, meaning that we can also put into practice and execute the plans or strategies we have set up together with you.

Something we also like to refer to as guidance “From Concept To Consumer“.
So give us a call and find out how far down the road we can make it together!


Our planet earth consists for more than 70 % of H2O, as is the case for the human body. So it is fair to say that this compound is vital for the good functioning of body and planet.

In the business world the vital elements are Sales & Marketing.

The bottom line remains the same: at the end of the day every company wants to boost their sales and thus increase its market share.

This reflects a rather pragmatic approach, something that is highly valued at S2O.
Since Sales & Marketing are very interdependent domains, they need to go together hand-in-hand and allign their strategies to maximize results and profitability.

Yet another challenge!


Strategy & Positioning
Product Launches
Brand Activation
Field Marketing
Promotional Events
Project Management


Account Management
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Business Development
Project Management


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